There was a time when a person's word meant something, when you knew your neighbors and your local store would have all you needed. We honor the honest, hard working individual and try to provide you with everything you would need at a fair price.
  So you enjoy the löyly, be it from a Savusauna or a modern electric stove. Let your muscles loosen as the vihta strikes your skin, inhale deeply the eucalyptus fragrance, enjoy the Sauna that you deserve. Remember to keep it warm now and then for the saunatonttu.

         You relax, we'll work hard to find it for you.
                                                       ~UpNorth Sundries
  1424 Tower Ave Superior WI
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Sauna Supply and Gifts
• Full line of Sauna Accessories
• Bath and Body care products
• Home Decor and Ethnic Gifts
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